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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for language tags according to RFC 4646

On 28/11/06, Eike Rathke <erack@sun.com> wrote:

> I herewith propose full support of RFC 4646 language tags
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4646 that obsoletes RFC 3066.

Due caution. IETF is awaiting the acceptance of ISO 693-3 which
seemingly isn't released as yet? I'm not sure of the actual
status, but the ietf lists are full of it.
I really think the fo: namespace could be lost if this gains acceptance.

> The question now is how to do it in the schema.

  public static String langtag="("+language+
    "(-"+variant +")?"+
    "(-"+extension + ")?"+

I have the rest of the java regex, which should ship into relax ng quite
  public static String irregulars ="en-GB-oed|i-ami|i-bnn|i-default" +
    "|i-enochian|i-hak|i-klingon|i-lux|" +
    "|i-mingo|i-navajo|i-pwn|i-tao|i-tay|" +
  public static String grandfathered =
Though that's questionnable.

I think it's doable (but a bit messy ;-)

Dave Pawson

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