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Subject: Re: [office] Suggested ODF1.2 items

I never weighed in on this suggestion of Florian's, in part because it 
relates to on-going discussions at the metadata SC, but since I recall 
there's some discussion of these suggestions going on now-ish ...

On Nov 20, 2006, at 11:03 AM, Florian Reuter wrote:

> Fields:
> * enhance field support by introducing a <text:field-start/> and a 
> <text:field-end/> element to which metadata can be attached.

I think before we get specific about that, I'd agree we need one (or 
more) generic metadata fields.

The start/end approach seems potentially dangerous to me (how do you 
handle well-formedness if the field spans across the end of a content 
node?), but my more important concern is that the field (or at least 
one of them) consist of two distinct structures: structure and 
presentation.  E.g. Daniel Vogelheim and I settled on a structure like 
this for the citation field:


If you're concerned about interop with OOXML, they also do something 
similar (though encode all of the "source" in a single attribute, which 
I think a bad design choice).


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