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Subject: Re: [office] Section 3.1.5 Language: <dc:language> element and RFC 4646/bis

On 13/12/06, Eike Rathke <erack@sun.com> wrote:
> Section 3.1.5 Language says:
> | The <dc:language> element specifies the default language of the document.
> |
> | The manner in which the language is represented is similar to the
> | language tag described in [RFC3066]. It consists of a two or three
> | letter Language Code taken from the ISO 639 standard optionally followed
> | by a hyphen (-) and a two-letter Country Code taken from the ISO 3166
> | standard.
> Can this be extended to RFC 4646/bis? If it can't, we need some other
> means for the default document language.

And surely this should be a match for the  sections 15.4.23 and 15.4.24 which
specify the fo:language and fo:country attributes for

If backwards compatibility is a permanent issue it is going
to negatively impact development.

I'd support rfc4646 use for both.
Anyone know what the Dublin Core group are going with dc:language?


Dave Pawson

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