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Subject: ODF, OCF & UCF -- Some container file options

Here is some more detail on what I talked about on today's call.

As you all know we have a Zip + Manifest file packaging for ODF, as specified in Chapter 17 "Packages" of the ODF 1.0 specification.

Adobe (and others) took these conventions and extended them in a trade group called the "IDPF" (International Digital Publishing Forum) to create something called "Open eBook Publication Structure Container Format (OCF) 1.0"

A summary of what OCF added beyond ODF can be read in this note:  http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-appformats/2006Dec/0131.html

And you can read the full OCF 1.0 specification here:  http://www.idpf.org/ocf/ocf1.0/index.htm

OCF 1.0 was then further generalized by Adobe to create the Universal Container Format (UCF) which is what they use in their MARS (PDF/XML) technology.  UCF is defined in Appendix E of the MARS specification here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/mars/?tab:details=1#documentation

As you know, the plan for ODF 1.2 was to split out the packaging chapter into its own document, to ease editing and reuse.  The question for us is whether it would make sense to create an "packaging" subcommittee within the TC to harmonize the ODF conventions with OCF/UCF so we end up with fully compatible packaging standards.  Or perhaps even end up with only a single generic packaging specification that can meet all of our needs.


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