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Subject: RE: [office]Welcome to join UOML TC that deals with document operation language


Regarding UOML IPR policy, although it is not royal free mode, it is
already maxium open under current condition. 
1. It is royal free for all UOML applications, including all end users. 
2. Only vendors who implement UOML need pay patent fee. There will be no
more than 10 companies need pay, occupy less than 1%. For the other
99.99%+, it is free.
3. The royal fee is charged by  fix percentage. That means, no matter
there exists how many contributors, the royalty payments remain
unchanged . i.e. More contributors, same royalty payments. The patent
pool will distribute royal fee among the contributors. 
4. Since the royal fee is charged by  revenue percentage, the royalty
payment will be zero if the docbase software is freeware. Only the
vendor who want make money will be charged. 5. Currently, we can't give
up all IPR right now. UOML will break MS's monopolization, I can't
predict what kind of action MS will take to destroy it. I beleive MS
will try to "dirty" it  in future. We must remain some weapon to cope
with it. 
6. Compare with DVD, the IPR policy of UOML just like charging to
encoder only, free for every player. I think it is open enough in
current stage.

I beleive that holding some necessary IPR currently will help the
industry and the end users. We will open more in future if the open
model has been set up and the new industry is strong enough that the
monopolizer is unable to hurt it.



-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick Durusau [mailto:patrick@durusau.net] 
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 3:20 AM
To: dlwang@sursen.com
Cc: OASIS Office
Subject: Re: [office]Welcome to join UOML TC that deals with document
operation language


I must confess that the UOML TC is of interest, particularly if it
results in a generalized mapping solution between different XML formats.

However, I do note that the schedule for the TC, a working draft by 31
March 2007, appears to simply be an endorsement of a current draft on
which your company and others assert IPR.

While I am very interested in mapping solutions, I am definitely not
interested in standardizing a particular group's IP in order to help
create a market for it. You might want to note that such a plan was
tried with DRM for multi-media in ISO (the MPEG standard) and the upshot
was that no vendors would agreed to use it.

Should the UOML group form another TC, one not under RAND, please let me

Hope you are having a great day!


Wang Donglin wrote:

>TC members,
>UOML(Unstructured Operation Markup Language) TC is a new formed OASIS 
>TC to
define document operation language standard. It is the best way for
document interoperation(e.g. interoperation between Open Office and MS
Office) by providing an easy, effective and unified way to generate,
read, write, display, print, edit document. I beleive it is useful to
you, and hope you can join this TC to make the standard meeting your
>The first meeting of UOML TC will be held on Feb. 6th. To join this TC 
begining, you need to participate at least 15 days prior to the first
>UOML TC Convener

Patrick Durusau
Chair, V1 - Text Processing: Office and Publishing Systems Interface
Co-Editor, ISO 13250, Topic Maps -- Reference Model Member, Text
Encoding Initiative Board of Directors, 2003-2005

Topic Maps: Human, not artificial, intelligence at work! 

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