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Subject: OpenDocuemnt TC Work Call Minutes 2007-01-22

1. Roll Call
Robert Weir, IBM
Patric Durusau
David Faure, KDE
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Florian Reueter, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Oliver Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation

2. Minutes from last work-call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last

3. Action Items
pp/ff, Michael, done
errata, Michael, ongoing

4. Announcements
odf 1.1 ballot is ongoing, check ballot link, make sure primary rep. has

5. Discussion

* Numbered paragraphs
Michael: open from last call, example of mapping between lists and
numbered paragraph. Oliver posted algorithm
Florian: I feel I have not yet fully understood that. I would however
want to discuss that on the list. I think I understood how koffice
handle it. I think that OOo and word behave differently. Don't know
whether it is possible to integrate this.
David: part of the problem is whether all list styles for all levels are
overridden or only a single level...
Oliver: we should first achieve a common understanding about how we view
the current list specification from a conceptual standpoint.
-> mailing list

* Additional spreadsheet filter proposal
Jody: looks like a good idea
... office xml defines a few more, do we want to add those pro actively?
Michael: we normaly would only add things which will also be implemented
rob: how many more are there?
Jody: there are some date-related (last six month...) and some like
odf differentiates between equality and matching and tc45 only does matching

* Connector shapes
Michael: add path data of connector to store connectors that does not end
in another shape. Currently start and end shapes are stored. There are
cases where we need to store more information with the connector.
Path data is stored like with regular paths
DavidF: I forwarded the proposal to kview implementors who were fine with it

* Autoshrink property
setting that tells the application to resize text according to
surrounding shapes...
no objections

* Natural sort order
Michael: it was pointed out on the list, that the current proposal is
insufficient. The proposal must be revised

* Interactive shapes in presentation
new action: jump to last visited page (back button)
Impress team did research...
they decided to divide the proposal in three parts
1- how to embed structure into documents (see Florian's older proposal)
2- how styles are assigned to those table. it proposes to base this on
table temples from ODF. table templates define styles for first row,
with odd numbers and so on. Like a description how styles should be
applied to tables. The proposal says to re-use this for tables in
presentation and add an attribute to add a link between the table and
the template, so that the styles can be re-evaluated when the structure
changes. This applies to tables in all types of documents
3- cell styles miss gradients as background, this is covered by this
proposals, so that cells and rows can get the same attributes as shapes.

Michael: for the next coordination call, we should vote on the proposals
were there are no further questions. SO if questions remain, raise them
on the list. Or if you need more time to evaluate the proposals, so we
can plan the agenda for the next call.

Florian: I sent proposal regarding text grids which I would like to
discuss in one of our next calls

* Call ends.

Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>               Sun Microsystems
Software Engineer                                         Nagelsweg 55
Phone: +49 40 23646 959                         20097 Hamburg, Germany
Fax:   +49 40 23646 550                  http://www.sun.com/staroffice

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