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Subject: Proposal: references to entire table columns/rows


A proposal for references to entire columns/rows independent of the
application's column/row size.

Section 8.3.1 currently says that cellRangeAddress references are of the

1. The address of the cell at the top left of the range.
2. A colon (:).
3. The address of the cell at the bottom right of the range. 

($?([^\. ']+|'[^']+'))?\.$?[A-Z]+$?[0-9]+(:($?([^\. ']+|'[^']+'))?\.$?[A-Z]+$?[0-9]+)?

This makes it impossible to reference an entire column no matter which
size it has in the application, which is desired for spreadsheet
applications, especially in the table:formula attribute, but also in
other places. Suggested additional form is A:A for entire column A, and
1:1 for entire row 1, respectively A:B or TableX.A:TableY.B for extended
2D and 3D forms, 1:2 and TableX.1:TableY.2 analogous for rows.
Additionally notations with mixed absolute/relative ($ or not) reference
are valid as well, same as now.

Since regexp notation for "either this or that or another or yet another
if not something else" tend to grow quite beyond recognition, maybe we
could introduce "named subexpressions" for clarity, or does it have to
be a parsable regexp?


 OpenOffice.org Engineering at Sun: http://blogs.sun.com/GullFOSS

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