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Subject: Congratulations!

It's official - OpenDocument v1.1 is now an OASIS Standard!
There's still a couple more steps to be completed. I'll need a new copy of the spec with the status "OASIS Standard" and the date "1 February 2007"; I want to upload this to the OASIS Library at docs.oasis-open.org -- in order to do that we need to have the current metadata set reflected on the cover pages (from the OASIS logo through the end of the Status section). You can see what data should be included by looking at the XHTML template here:
Note that there is a new paragraph that has been added to the end of the status section to reflect the recently-approved Trademark Policy. Please fill in any appropriate terms such as Open Document Format, ODF, OpenDocument, etc.
The current location will be: docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.1/OS/OpenDocument-v1.1
The latest location will be: docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.1/OpenDocument-v1.1
Feel free to contact me should the editor(s) have any questions! As soon as I get the new documents they'll be linked on the OASIS Standards page (Carol needs these in place before a press release is issued).
Mary P McRae
Manager of TC Administration, OASIS
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  
web: www.oasis-open.org
phone: 603.232.9090
OASIS Symposium:
"eBusiness and Open Standards:
Understanding the Facts, Fiction, and Future"
15-18 April 2007 San Diego, CA USA

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