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Subject: OpenDocuemnt TC Coordination Call Minutes 2007-01-29

* Rollcall

Robert Weir, IBM
Helen Yue, IBM
Jody Goldberg, Novell
Florian Reueter, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Eike Radtke, Sun Microsystems
Oliver Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
Bruce D'Arcus, OpenDocument Foundation
David A. Wheeler, OpenDocument Foundation
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation

* Minutes from last coordination call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last
coordination call.

* Action items
none open

* News/Reports
ODF 1.1 ballot is ongoing

* Review of ODF 1.2 draft
no comments received so far.

Gary: I don't think naming it "1.2 draft" is such a good idea
some SC work are major change
and that is not yet reflected in the document
people might get the wrong impression
Florian: lets call it 1.1 second edition
Michael: that would be even more misleading because this is not related 
to 1.1
Rob: this is not a committee spec vote, right?
Michael: yes, I would only want to vote us on the changes
Rob: we could call it ODF pre 1.2
Lars: sounds like a good compromise
Gary: yes, but it should also explain what the pre is
Lars: we could add it as an editorial note at the top of the document to
state the fact that the outline is not complete
Gary: I'm ok with that

RESOLUTION: ODF pre 1.2 and adding editorial not about incompleteness of

Michael: I will next split it into the packaging and main parts and then
start to integrate the proposal that we agreed to

* Proposals from last work-call
a) 3 proposals regarding tables in presentations
further discussion needed? no.
objections? none..

b) new table filter operators
further discussion needed? no.
objections? none.

c) paths for connector shapes
further discussion needed? no.
objections? none.

d) auto-shrink of text in shapes
further discussion needed? no.
objections? none.

e) additional interaction for graphic objects: jump to previous page
further discussion needed? no.
objections? none.

* New proposals

* Text grids (Florian)
Florian: any questions?
Michael: I would recommend to put the flag in the doc settings into the 
page style or into the grid specification itself. Not clear to me why it 
is an application setting in the proposal
Florian: we want this to be global to the whole document
Oliver: current text grid properties are defined on the page style level
Lars: what can be done with an application wide setting for grids what
couldn't be done with a page style property?
Florian: I will need to check back with developers on this

* Cross reference fields
Oliver: we would like to implement new types of direct reference fields
in OpenOffice.org and need support for that in the format...
Florian: I would like to see a sample document to understand the problem
you are trying to solve.

* SC Status

*Formula status
DavidW: we are down to about 20 function definitions
I'm currently filling in the blanks
There subtle interoperability questions, as excel defines some functions
like ceil() and floor() differently from what would be expected from 
their  usual mathematical definitions. We will most likely support 
additional parameters that define the behavior...
First complete draft by end of Feb.
Functions should be complete end of Jan.
We could use some hands to help with the work

Rob: is it easy to extract a list of functions that differ from current
DavidW: it's difficult to tell, since some implementations have already
changed based on information that we found... so this is somewhat of a
moving target

call ends.

Lars Oppermann <lars.oppermann@sun.com>               Sun Microsystems
Software Engineer                                         Nagelsweg 55
Phone: +49 40 23646 959                         20097 Hamburg, Germany
Fax:   +49 40 23646 550                  http://www.sun.com/staroffice

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