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Subject: Re: [office] proposals for tables in presentations/drawings

Hi Lars,

Here are some comments and questions from my colleagues. Just want to make it clear. Thanks.

1. Different styles can be set to first row/column. Per the Accessibility improvement we have made in ODF v1.1, table can have table headers while header are not limited to one row/column. Therefore I am wondering that why we do not just use the concept of header columns/rows here?
This one is somewhat beyond this proposal, for the first row/column is from the original specification, but I think it is worth discussing

2. The default value for attributes "table:use-first-row-styles", "table:use-last-row-styles", "table:use-first-column-styles", "table:use-last-column-styles", "table:use-banding-rows-styles", "table:use-banding-columns-styles" is false. Is there any consideration? I propose that we set it to be "true" so that the default case is to use the whole template, which is more common.

3. In "additions to 14.5 Table Templates", what's the priority of "table-background"? It looks to me that it has the lowest priority, but it is not specified.

4. "If a value for draw:fill attribute is given, it switches off any background image that is specified by a <style:background-image> and any background color that is specified with the fo:background-color attribute."
How about if the draw:fill="none"? In this case, draw:fill still gets the high priority?

Best Regards,
Helen Yue

From: Lars Oppermann <Lars.Oppermann@Sun.COM>
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: 01/16/2007 12:52 AM
Subject: [office] proposals for tables in presentations/drawings

Dear TC members,

I have uploaded three proposals from OpenOffice.org developers
concerning the support of tables in presentations and drawings. Please
review these documents and post any questions or comments that you might

1. Tables: Tables in Presentation & Draw documents

2. Tables: Template Styles

3. Tables: Enhanced table backgrounds


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