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Subject: Re: [office] proposal for new position and space attributes for the list level

The reason these features are added seem to be limited to "WW has them".
A better reason would be that you have usecases (i.e. things users want to 
accomplish) where the proposed solution fits best.
Because if you can't find a usecase that warrents adding this feature then no 
user will actually miss these anyway.

On Friday 26 January 2007 13:27, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - 
Sun Microsystems wrote:
> The new attributes for the list level style are:
> - text:label-followed-by

I fail to see how this adds anything.
We already have text:min-label-width which can be used to achieve the tabs 
based feature.
Having a trailing space seems to be default already.
I have yet to find a user that wants his text to start without any spacing 
following his counter.

> - text:list-tab-stop-position

This is just needed for the tabs-based feature. Which we already can do just 
fine with text:min-label-width

> - text:label-aligned-at

This feature doesn't seem to add anything either.
It just makes things more complex for the user.
Using the paragraph-inset (first line / text indent) you can accomplish all 
the things this feature adds already.

> - fo:margin-left

If the above are not needed, then this one isn't either.

Can someone provide real life usecases?
Which, to be clear, does not mean existing documents that use these features, 
it means a *goal* a user wants to accomplish that he can't achieve without 
these features.

Thomas Zander

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