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Subject: Re: [office] my requirements

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 09:23, Florian Reuter wrote:
> I hope this makes it a little bit clearer.

What I don't understand still is if you agree to the following reasoning;
1) User creates a list in application X and approves of the way that 
application shows things.
For example it shows
1 P1
1.1 P2
1.2 P3

2) User saves the document to ODF and it generates a set of numbered-paragraph 
style list items.

3) User loads the document in application Y.
Now; this application has a different implementation model. This application 
does the post inc, while the other does the pre-inc. Or visa versa.
I expect the numbering structure stored in step 2 to be displayed the way 
application X (in step 1) displayed it.
Do you agree?

4) User adds a paragraph  "2 P4" and saves the document to ODF.

5) I load the file saved in step 4 into app X and expect the displayed list to 
be the same as when I opened it last time. With all the same numberings. Do 
you agree?

Now; if you agree to this, that says little to nothing about the ODF 
fileformat. Properties and strategies described in the ODF spec are to be 
mirrored in the application.  If not in the internal part, then in the 
ODF-importer part.
If you don't agree to expectations in point 3 and 5, please let us know.
Thomas Zander

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