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Subject: Re: [office] lists, can we wrap it up?


I'm working hard on the evaluation.

Regarding your questions:
a) http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200703/msg00238.html

When I understood correctly I guess the answer is yes. However I'm not clear I understood 3). 

But the numbering in the APPs (X) and (Y) actually display are different, agreed?

b) http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200703/msg00221.html

I will provide you with a full answer. Currently I'm working on the comparison of the reqs against the proposal.
I'll follow up on that one.


>>> Thomas Zander <zander@kde.org> 03/22/07 9:40 PM >>>
Hi all,

Its almost Friday, end of the working week. We are getting close to the 
conference call, our next opportunity to allow for a vote on the subject.

The requirements are in and Oliver gave a good overview of the results wrt the 
proposals on the subject.
It is clear that the requirements that Florian has formulated contain some 
blockers for the proposal and I'd like to know how to continue. We have been 
postponing the vote for this proposal for almost 4 weeks and almost 2 weeks 
ago I asked for an extra effort from Florian to not needlessly delay the vote 
without actively working on convergence. Looking at the changes made since 
then I'm not sure I'd call the progress very satisfying.

So, I'd say that its very important to get some answers on our queries from 
Florian on the issue.
This one is in particularly a blocker 

And we should have a full answer on this one as well;

Without those there can be no convergence of proposals since we are left with 
a basic confusion about our goals.

Please all chip in to move forward one way or another. Thanks.
Thomas Zander

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