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Subject: Re: [office] Differences between list proposals

On Monday 16 April 2007 09:44, Florian Reuter wrote:
> Oliver is not very precise here. A better statement would be
> <revised>
> Thus, the same XML fragment will be interpreted differently in ODF 1.1
> and ODF 1.2 with Proposal Two when Olivers' understand of ODF1.1 lists
> is used. </revised>
> However exactly this case is not specified by ODF1.1. Its also worth
> mentioning that Olivers' understanding of ODF1.1 lists contradicts e.g.
> with OOo's understanding of ODF1.1 lists.

For a fact I know that what your proposal states means the way that 
KOffice does lists is completely wrong.  In other words; your proposal 
would make documents created in koffice fail to comply.

And may I say that I if someone employed by Sun and working on lists 
states that the current way of using lists is X and you are stating that 
to not be true. Then without looking at the tiny details; I'm certainly 
inclined to believe the technician that works on the code.

Anyway; I read the both proposals and the comparison;
my comparison would be really really simple:

   Propsal by Florian changes behavior incompatible with existing 
behavior, proposal by me/Oliver writes down the existing behavior and 
expands on that.

Is there anything more that is relevant?
Thomas Zander

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