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Subject: Re: [office] How about an interoperability Subcommittee?

Alex, RAND is a big barrier to the extent it would impact ODF. It's
widely implemented by free and open source software (FOSS) with
licensing that does not permit RAND ingredients. And many of those
apps have so many developers who have contributed code that it simply
isn't feasible to locate all of them to sign papers necessary to
change the software licenses, let alone persuade them to do so.

So the bottom line here is that there are legal aspects to
interoperability as well as technical aspects; that is, unsolvable
interoperability barriers can exist at the legal level as well as the
software level.  IPR conflicts are becoming far more common as the
number of standards increase. So while I still am not sure such
problems could be overcome, I am quite certain that to the extent an
IPR conflict exists, it isn't feasible to change the ODF IPR. So it
would be your project that would have to have its IPR scheme altered.

I don't say that intending any disrespect for your project's IPR or
intending to imply that ODF's IPR scheme is superior (although I have
a personal preference for non-encumbered technology). It's just that I
don't see any feasible way to change the ODF IPR scheme.

Best regards,


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