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Subject: Re: [office] Re: FW: [odf-adoption] Action items and deliverables

On Friday 11 May 2007 00:43:51 marbux wrote:
> * I suspect that OASIS would have difficulties and experience delays
> in granting needed permissions to the folks who have expressed an
> interest in doing the development and maintenance work for such a
> site.

First, my apologies if the following may sound harsh, I mean no 
disrespect. But we have to be realistic.
I just looked at the site (opendocument.xml.org ) and I have to conclude 
that its not really maintained, and looks pretty dead-born.
The forums are empty and I noted that the KOffice entry on 'Products' is 
actually factually wrong and has been for almost a year. It also didn't 
get updated to the latest release (and why use a release number in the 
title of a product in the first place)

That website needs a serious influx of work, or it should be put down, it 
is doing more harm than good right now. The idea from Marbux to only have 
the forums seems sensible. Focus your attention to make one thing happen 
Thomas Zander

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