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Subject: Re: [office] Dicussion of UOML IPR policy

On 5/11/07 7:04 AM, "Alex Wang" <alexwang@sursen.com> wrote:

> Marbux,
> To some idealists: what is your feeling if a Chinese cuss like  "You
> U.S. is sueing China in WTO for IPR, You U.S. is charging DVD IPR fee as
> much as half of its price, and now you U.S. force us to give up our IPR,
> you are evil" ? It is sure that this U.S. is different than that U.S.,
> so does RAND.

CAVEAT: These opinions are my own and not those of my employer.

While I don't consider myself an idealist, I have strong feelings about
this. This is slightly off topic however it is a very complicated issue.  On
one side you have Software vendors with a legitimate right to protect their
IPR but people in developed countries also *must* consider the other side -
countries that are being forced to bow to pressure to adhere to patents they
may not agree with.  It is highly likely that WIPO is in fact placing
barriers to developing and transitioning economies by forcing them to
respect Patents issued in other countries.

If the USPTO allows companies to receive patents for things that the Chinese
would have done on their own (double clicking, creating markup languages,
programming algebra etc.) there is a possibly unjust system at work.

Second blog article down is an open letter to both the Chinese and WIPO:



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