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Subject: Proposal: Add glue points to 3D objects

Add glue point to 3D objects

Glue points are designated points on the area of a drawing object to which a connector shape can connect. A <draw:glue-point> element creates a single user-defined glue point if placed inside a drawing object element. Currently <draw:glue-point> supports almost all drawing shapes except 3D objects. The following proposal adds <draw:glue-point> to <dr3d:scene>.

9.4.1 Scene
<define name="dr3d-scene">
        <element name="dr3d:scene">
                <ref name="dr3d-scene-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-position-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-size-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-style-name-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-z-index-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-id-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-layer-name-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-text-spreadsheet-shape-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-dr3d-transform-attlist"/>
                <ref name="common-draw-caption-id-attlist"/>
                        <ref name="svg-title"/>
                        <ref name="svg-desc"/>
                        <ref name="dr3d-light"/>
                        <ref name="shapes3d"/>
                                                <ref name="draw-glue-point"/>

The elements that may be contained in the <dr3d:scene> element are:

Best Regards,
Helen Yue

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