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Subject: I guess this is goodbye, and good luck

Hi All,

I just got a note from Scott McGrath, which said in part:

> On 16 May, OASIS member accounts for all non-employee OpenDocument 
> Foundation representatives will be deactivated, with the exception of 
> the Primary Representative, Gary Edwards. A second authorized 
> representative may be designated by written notification from Gary.

Unless some change happens, then, this will be my last day. I will no 
longer be able to participate in the ongoing metadata discussions and 
their final resolution with the TC.

Thankfully that work is almost done and I am happy with the results. 
Should the TC accept them, the contribution they will make to ODF 1.2 
will be profound.

But I think it incredibly unfortunate that this happens now, and 
particularly bad form on OASIS' part to be giving me and other 
Foundation members less than 24 hours notice.

On principle, I am not interested in self-funding my participation 
here. I already have donated a whole lot of valuable time to this work, 
none of which I get compensated for.

For the record, I'm not happy about this. It reinforces to me that 
OASIS is primarily a venue for the large vendors. ODF cannot flourish 
long term without broader particpation. That the rules for non-profits 
only (now? is this new??) allow two non-employee representatives is a 
case in point.

Anyway, best of luck with 1.2.


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