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Subject: Re: [office] 9.2.7 mixing namespaces

On Friday 25 May 2007 13:57:03 Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - 
Hamburg wrote:
> did you find that in the ODF 1.1 spec?
> It seems to me it has been corrected already in ODF 1.2. Could you
> please verify that?

> Thomas Zander wrote:
> > The start-angle and end-angle paragraphs have a schema snippet and a
> > describing text, which differ.
> > When describing the start-angle and the end-angle attributes of the
> > draw:circle element, the text uses the svg namespace, e.g.
> > svg:start-angle, svg:end-angle, but the actual namespace in the
> > relax-ng schema snippet is draw:start-angle and draw:end-angle.

I found that in the 1.1 spec, I just checked in the 1.2 draft3 and indeed 
that one already has this mistake corrected.

Sorry for the noise.
Thomas Zander

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