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Subject: Re: [office] xml:lang settings. Confused.

On 07/06/07, Eike Rathke <erack@sun.com> wrote:
> On Friday, 2007-06-01 16:13:36 +0100, Dave Pawson wrote:
> > Which is the 'definitive' language please? (inaccurate definition)
> For a mixed content it depends on the Unicode script type.

I'm assuming for mixed docs, somewhere within the body the change in language
would be signalled by an xml:lang attribute on the paragraph?
My question related to (mainly) single language documents,
where I need the primary language of the document.

> If there are CJK sections they are associated with
> > style:language-asian="en"
> > style:country-asian="GB"
> (having set that to en-GB is pretty useless anyway, probably no en-GB
> spell checker will recognize CJK words, and also an en-GB breakiterator
> will not work correctly in that scenario)
> If there are CTL script type sections they are associated with
> > style:language-complex="en"
> > style:country-complex="GB"
> (also here, having set that to en-GB is pretty useless as well)

I'm processing the document with XSLT, so I've no interest in spell
checkers etc?
I need to know the primary language to define it in the metadata of
the output document
(also XML)

> For all other character based script types (including Latin, Cyrillic, ...)
> > fo:language="sv"
> > fo:country="SE"
> is assigned.

Yes, that's the one I'm using now. Just wondered why xml:lang or dc:language
isn't used in ODF.

I'm curious. When I initially open a document authored in Japanese or Chinese,
how would I know whether to look at style:language-asian or fo:language?

I guess that defines what I meant by 'primary language' of the document?

Thanks Eike.


Dave Pawson

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