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Subject: Re: [office] fo:text-align="end"

On 12/06/07, Thomas Zander <zander@kde.org> wrote:
> The tag above, from §15.5.5 and indirectly from XSL  §7.16.9 is said to do
> the following;
> end: "Specifies that the content is to be aligned on the end-edge in the
> inline-progression-direction."
> Now see the attached test doc. (odt and xml are the same).
> There is some RTL text, Easy to spot. And I set the text-align to 'end'
> which to me indicates that the alignment is left for that RTL text.
> So, at least one of the two RTL texts should be left aligned. I'm even
> thinking both of them.

> Can someone explain the reasoning and expected behavior here?

before, after, start, end are the I18N variants of the common Western
top, bottom, left, right, with Western bias removed.

The relation between the two is set by the writing mode, see

For me this is lr-tb, left to right, top to bottom.

So the alignment should vary as the writing mode varies.



Dave Pawson

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