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Subject: Re: [office] Re: [office-metadata] Suggested Changes on the Metadata proposal

On Monday 02 July 2007 01:27:11 marbux wrote:
> if that second application silently
> > > removes those metadata attributes and the first user gets it back
> > > with that information stripped, that's bad, and should -- I believe
> > > -- be discouraged by this TC.
> >
> > I have seen nobody that has a problem with such a thing.
> Then let me give you a concrete example.

You misread my mail, to repeat; nobody has a problem with the TC 
discouraging the data loss issue.  Or in other words (remove double 
negative). Everyone agrees the issue is real and a problem we may want to 
remedy, if possible.
Really, we are on the same side. Please stop fighting like we are not.

> Sun's apps destroy all foreign 
> elements and attributes other than paragraphs and text spans. That
> stymied the Foundation's ability to establish non-lossy
> interoperability between MS Office and OOo. The Foundation now plans to
> use the Metadata SC's work, but Sun is in here pitching for permission
> to destroy xml:id attributes.

Well, I think your personal attachment to the foundation plugin is 
coloring your judgment. Its ok to have an interrest, but you are pulling 
everything that could possibly hurt your vested interrests into the far 
negative.  It really makes your opinions hard to take seriously. After 
all, this is not a political party, this is a technical committee.

> > I certainly agree
> > silently losing data is bad and should be discouraged.
> Why just discouraged? Why not prohibited? 

Have you read any of my mails on this thread?  I've gone over that again 
and again...
In short; doing so will seriously hurt ODF adoption in new and unheard of 

> > The question is what can the TC can do that will not harm real use
> > cases
> > and which actually will have the effect we are after.
> So offer us some use cases and tell us the effect you want.

Same here, there have been enough on this thread.

Thomas Zander

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