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Subject: Re: [office] use cases for "is-subtable" attribute

Hi Dave,

Could you elaborate a bit more on the reasons why a nested table is a
problem for access technology? From my (naive) point of view, it would
appear somewhat more confusing to navigate a lot of spanned cells rather
than entering a subtable.

For instance,

A1  C1   D1
A2  C2   D2
A3 B3 C3 D3

seems more confusing than

A1      B1     C1
A2      B2     C2
A3 B3.A1 B3.B1 C3

... because the latter example gives you the context information so you
don't lose the subtable semantics. Especially if there are more than
just 3 columns (see Andreas' example).

It would be much appreciated if you could explain the reasons for the
first representation _always_ being preferable to the second.

Oh, and please don't suggest that we want to discriminate just because
we discuss different options in order to find a good solution. This kind
of polarization isn't helping at all. Thanks.

Dave Pawson wrote:
> If the visual presentation is as the author wants, and people using
> access technology
> can access the content, then why use a technology solution that only works
> for some people?
> I don't think ODF should discriminate Oliver. Do you?

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