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Subject: Re: [office] how do we deal with metadata vocabularies?

Michael Brauer wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
>> What is the process by which we would contribute such a thing? Would 
>> it be the ontology document? The HTML spec document (automatically 
>> generated from the ontology)? Or both?
> Well, at best it would be what you would like to get added to the 
> specification.

Hmm ... any suggestions? We've not really dealt yet with anything but 
fairly simple ontologies, and those haven't yet been integrated into the 

> But I was not so much talking about the technical aspect of a 
> contribution, but the IPR aspect. 

Yes, I understand. That was part of my question as well.

> So, in order to be usable by the TC, 
> we must get whatever we may consider to include into the specification 
> under the terms and conditions of the OASIS IPR policies
> http://www.oasis-open.org/who/intellectualproperty.php

What does all this mean practically? How do I donate it? How do we deal 
with the fact there are two authors, one a TC and OASIS member, and one not?

>> Also, I presume this would essentially be like a snapshot of it in 
>> time? E.g. we are free to evolve it independently if necessary?
> We may have to check this with someone from OASIS, but I think so.

OK; this is an important question.


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