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Subject: Re: [office] proposal to enhance annotations

On Thursday 26 July 2007 10:35:46 Dave Pawson wrote:
> -1 to the offic:annotation-end

It also feels odd and unmaintainable to me.  A "yet another Id".

I'm also not convinced the whole idea of having free lengths is all that 
practical. What happens when I insert a paragraph in between the 
annotated section? Does it also become annotated?
That could bring big problems if the annotation is something like an 
author and I just unknowingly inserted a portion from another author.
Or the other way around, what happens when I move a paragraph out of the 
annotated-part.  Does that part get the annotation again?

It should if this is a tag-begin and tag-end. Like you copy a bold piece 
of text.  But I guess most editors have no choice but to see it as a 
annotation-1 and an annotation-2 tag with everything in between ignoring 

I'd much rather see a proper usability designed thing. I can imagine that 
having having a paragraph or a section annotated is much more practical; 
i.e. the already known major structures.

So, this proposal gets a -1 from me. Having the tags doesn't mean we can 
be interoperable; that takes a lot more.
Thomas Zander

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