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Subject: Re: [office] proposal to enhance annotations

Hi Dave,

nice links. Good to see that others having the same kind of problems :-)

I just wanted to inform everybody about the discussions which took place a while ago in the metadata SC.

I proposed to enhance fields by having a start-field and end-field for --- you guess --- OOXML interop :-) You can simply take Olivers proposal and replace annotations whith fields you have the proposal I made.

The SC convinced me that using -start/-end tags is not a good thing. I don't recall all the arguments but maybe the experts can just jump in and recall the arguments. I guess the most prominent ones where:
* Bad for validation
* Bad for XSL(T) :-)
* (there where more... / maybe one of the SC experts can provide them?)

The solution offered by the SC (for me) was to use bookmarks --- which I successfully did: http://florianreuter.blogspot.com/2007/07/field-enhancement-proof-of-concept.html

Just my two cents,


>>> "Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@gmail.com> 07/26/07 10:35 AM >>>
Comments inline.

On 26/07/07, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - Sun Microsystems

> Thus, I propose to introduce the following new element and new attributes:
> - new element <office:annotation-end> with the attribute
> office:annotation-end-id with type <ref name="ID">
> - new optional attribute office:ending-at with type <ref name="IDREF">
> for existing element <office:annotation>

-1 to the offic:annotation-end

I'd prefer a 'matching pair'
e.g. annotation-start and annotation-end as the element names.
or use an attribute to declare the end?

I'm guessing you're using ID and IDREF as the type?
You don't say what they point to? I.e. where the match is expected to
be for testing.

More general comment.
With insertion and deletion, the extent of  the 'overlapping markup'
starts to become

I guess it would help if they all followed a consistant pattern?
There are prior works

Its becoming popular too. Eg. rng extension for validation of
overlapping markup?


Dave Pawson

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