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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for modification of preview image description

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 19:11:26 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> >  
> What about altering preview size based on user preference? Instead of
> their operating system. Would that be "highly inappropriate"?
> While I think we should mandate PNG format (for interoperability
> reasons) I don't think the other requirements are necessary.
> I was reminded of user preferences today while trying to proof a
> proposal where the editor to save paper had set the type to 10 pt. It
> is a good thing I am not trying to read it outside because my
> magnifying glass would have set it on fire by this point. The copy I
> got was image only so increasing the size is problematic.

So, you are annoyed that the user choose something that was useless for 

> So, I think Michael's suggestion is a good one.

You do?  So, in contrary to what you just wrote above you think it makes 
sense to let the user choose a lower resolution preview?
I would think that after being annoyed with the users inappropriate logic 
hurting your ability to read his document you'd be all for 1 size 

Sorry, your logic is lost on me. :(
Thomas Zander

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