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Subject: Re: [office] xml as a file format?

On Wednesday 08 August 2007 19:26:21 Dave Pawson wrote:
> I've just been very surprised to learn that Open Office can't open
> an xml file, valid to the ODF schema.
> It seems to me unreasonable to require a null XSLT input filter
> to achieve this. My thanks To JD Eisenberg for showing me the filter

I think you should report that to the OOo bugtracker, this certainly is 
not the best place to report this.

Note that KOffice can open such files just fine.

> Feature request, that this format be added to the input requirement.
> I.e. any conformant app be required to open a single XML file,
> valid to the schema.

I'm not sure that requiring such a thing in ODF is the place to solve this 
Thomas Zander

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