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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2007-08-13

Florian Reuter wrote:

> yes you're right: The answer is not satisfactory wrt. to
> interoperabiility. It is not acceptable to leave that up to the singe
> application.

I'd like for us to avoid using the term "interoperability" as a 
justification for proposals, since it seems to be one of those terms 
increasingly thrown about without much concrete meaning.

If we do want to use it as a criterion, perhaps we ought to define it 
formally somewhere?

What does make sense, it seems to me, is to ask whether it really makes 
sense to allow all of these content objects within table cells. Some of 
them seem pretty suspect to me (soft page break?? how can you have a 
page break within a cell??).


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