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Subject: Re: [office] Chart Data Label Positions

On Monday 20 August 2007, Patrick Durusau wrote:
> David,
> I looked at the earlier proposal and it appears to be defining 
> north/north-west, etc. by illustration. Is that correct?
The nice illustrations from Sun helped understand this stuff, yes. IIRC Bjoern offered
to put them back into the final proposal based on my previous email.

> Wouldn't it be more precise (and interchangeable) to simply define the 
> point of origin for whatever is being labeled and then define 
> north/north-west/ etc. by their positions relative to that point of 
> origin? 
Think of a vertical bar in bar chart. If you choose north-west then your point of
origin is the topleft corner of the bar. If you choose north-east then your point of
origin is the topright corner of the bar (and north is the middle point of the top edge).
So there isn't one point of origin, there are nine.

> I don't object to the labels per se, north, north-west, if that  
> is an easy mnemonic but am concerned that we give those terms precise 
> meaning.
To be honest I'm not sure why we use north/west/south/east instead of top/left/bottom/right.
Both the Sun proposal and the KDChart code do use north/west/... for some reason :)

David Faure, faure@kde.org, sponsored by Trolltech to work on KDE,
Konqueror (http://www.konqueror.org), and KOffice (http://www.koffice.org).

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