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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2007-08-27

Hi Lars,

I didn't attend OpenDocument TC coordiniation call on 2007-08-27 - I was 
on vacation.
Please adjust the rollcall of the minutes.

Regards, Oliver.

Lars Oppermann wrote:
> * rollcall
> Helen Yue, IBM
> Ma Yue, IBM
> Patrick Durusau
> Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
> Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
> Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
> Svante Schubert, Sun Microsystems
> Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
> * previous minutes
> The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes
> * action items
> none
> * meta data
> final proposal was submitted on Thursday
> current version is a minor update resolving the last issues
> changed package mechanism to be more general
> clear separation between general packaging and odf specific aspects
> makes it possible to include other types of meta data (e.g. XMP)
> was already implied in the original proposal but it is made explicit now
> Patrick is looking into how to integrate the proposal with the main
> specification. Some wider review by TC members is always good so we will
> defer the actual proposal until next week
> * chart data label positions
> David Faure and OOo Chart team are working on a revised proposal
> * Layer set per page
> waiting for further input
> * Clarification for tables in table cells
> Work call recommendation was to use appendix D to show that support for
> tables in table cells is not required in spreadsheet applications.
> Work call minutes were posted quite late. Decide in next coordination call.
> * Version attribute
> Embedded objects may be problematic if they have another version
> Currently every stream has its own version number
> Proposal:
> We may want to have a central version number
> Possible to add version attribute to manifest entry for central
> directory of a stream. We then specify that all related streams
> (content.xml etc.) must match that version
> ACTION: Lars to post a proposal for adding version attribute to manifest
> entries
> * Proposal to rename is-list-header attribute
> We could:
> add a new attribute with the same semantics
> and deprecate "is-list-header"
> Dave suggested "suppress-numbering"
> Is this needed for numbered paragraphs too?
> RESOLUTION: deprecate is-list-header attribute and add
> suppress-numbering attribute.
> Next Monday is Labor Day, next call in two weeks (10 September)

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