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Subject: sub chapter name and example for ODF 1.2 for integrated and approvedproposal "new position and space attributes for the list level"

Dear TC members,

reading the pre-draft 4 and pre-draft 5 of our ODF 1.2 specification I 
noticed that the sub chapter's names of 15.12.1 and 15.12.9 are equal - 
sub chapter's name of 15.12.9 should be changed to something like 
"Attributes for position and space mode 'label-alignment'".

I also think it would make sense to have the following example for sub 
chapter 15.12.9 - probably, it could be inserted at the end of this sub 

Example: Paragraph inside a list getting its list style from the parent
paragraph style of its paragraph style
<style:style style:name="MyParaStyleOne" style:family="paragraph">
         <style:paragraph-properties fo:margin-left="1cm"

<style:style style:name="MyParaStyleTwo" style:family="paragraph"

<style:style style:name="MyParaStyleThree" style:family="paragraph"

<text:list-style style:name="MyListStyle">
     <text:list-level-style-number text:level="1"
<text:list text:style-name="MyListStyle">
         <text:p text:style-name="MyParaStyleThree">Paragraph</text:p>
The indent attributes of list level 1 of the applied list style
"MyListStyle" are applied to the paragraph and used for alignment of the
list label, because its paragraph style "MyParaStyleThree" and the
parent paragraph style "MyParaStyleTwo" doesn't provide a left margin or
a text indent. The list label is left aligned at position 1cm. The list
label is followed by a tab stop at position 2cm. Thus, the text of the
first line will begin at this position. The following text lines have an
left margin of 2cm.
If in the above given example the list style "MyListStyle" is applied to
paragraph style "MyParaStyleOne" instead of "MyParaStyleTwo" the indent
attributes of list level 1 aren't applied to the paragraph, because
paragraph style "MyParaStyleOne" specifies a left margin and a text
indent. In this case, the label alignment position is 1.5cm, at which
the list label is left aligned. Text of the first line starts after the
tab stop at position 2cm and the following text lines have an left
margin of 1cm.

Regards, Oliver.

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