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Subject: Re: [office] How to add animations for shapes on master pages

On Wednesday 21 February 2007, Peter Korn wrote:
> Hi Dave, David,
> David - if I understand you correctly, you are saying "do in master 
> pages for animations what we do in non-master/normal pages for 
> animations."  Thus, if there is no accessibility issue with animations 
> in normal pages, in theory we won't be introducing one in master pages.  
> Correct?

Yes. Those two issues are orthogonal (whatever accessibility issue there is in normal pages
there is in master pages too - I'm not saying there isn't an issue, I'm saying it's unrelated to my request),
and because of the accessibility question I didn't get any answers about the initial question :-)

I would like to suggest for the next conference call that we vote on the simple issue
of "allowing animations in master pages". KOffice's presentation program needs this,
and OpenOffice's Impress seems to need it too, since it is currently possible to assign
an animation to a shape on a master page but then nothing happens... which shows
that the need is there, but that ODF has a deficiency on this topic.

As far as I can see the concrete proposal would be to add
                <ref name="presentation-animations"/>
                <ref name="animation-element"/>
            <ref name="shape"/>
in the definition of <element name="style:master-page">.

I'm not sure about the difference between presentation-animations and animation-element?
I took the "choice" part with both things from the <draw:page> definition. Do both apply
to master pages?

Also, note that it should be possible to define the first step of an animation in the master page
and the second step of an animation (on another shape) in the normal page. I'm not sure how
steps are defined in SMIL, so do we need to change anything else for this?

David Faure, faure@kde.org, sponsored by Trolltech to work on KDE,
Konqueror (http://www.konqueror.org), and KOffice (http://www.koffice.org).

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