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Subject: Re: [office] Clarification for frame formatting property style:flow-with-text

On Monday 15 October 2007 17:49:03 Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Ah, ok, now I understand the issue.
> To "say it back" the problem is one of defining one correct behavior
> versus allowing some defined range of behaviors. Yes?

Yes, and the 'correct' here is a personal one. OOo choose one, I don't agree 
with it and have already implemented it quite different in KWord various 
months ago.

> Of course, any given application may choose to support only one
> "correct" behavior but other applications may choose to offer a fuller
> range of choices as defined by ODF.

That's right,
and to allow multiple implementations to interoperate we should IMO not have 
some paragraph in the spec stating what should happen with the same tag in 
different parts of the document, but instead we should have an extra property 
that makes it explicit.

This avoids the discussion what is the "correct" behavior by making it 
possible for OOo to store its wanted behavior in a property (probably 'true' 
for a table usecase, and 'false' for others) and at the same time allow other 
implementations do what they think is the best thing for their users.

This is the reason I objected to the change.
So for 1.2 we should either add the property (and if we do, I'd like to 
suggest some extra features like the alignment stuff), or leave the 
current 'no clipping' behavior as written in 1.1

Thomas Zander

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