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Subject: Re: [office] Drawing page names (Re: [office] OpenDocument TC MeetingMinutes 2006-02-13)

Hi David,

thanks for bringing this topic to our attention again. I have asked 
Christian Lippka, who is from the OOo graphics team, for his opinion. 
That's what he thinks:

> I also prefer solution A but using xml:id as a unique identifier for pages.
> This is also needed for the meta-data proposal.
> Attribute draw:id should be deprecated (not used anyway) and.
> In the same instance we should also add xml:id to shapes so they can be
> identified  uniquely too. 

To me, that sounds reasonable.

Best regards


David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 17 February 2006, Lars Oppermann wrote:
>> Topic: Drawing page names
>> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200601/msg00052.html
>> The spec. has a uniqueness requirement for the name of a draw:page
>> Although a non-unique page (or slide) name might be a bad choice when 
>> building accessible documents, it does not make sense to enforce this in 
>>   normative part of the specification.
>> A user should be able to name pages as he sees fit. There are other ways 
>> of uniquely identifying a page (e.g. pagenumber+name)
>> Unless the A11Y SC disagrees this constraint will be dropped from the spec.
>> Action: Michael to check with ASC and write errata if no objection
> It was brought to my attention that the resolution of this topic is still pending.
> The spec still says "the name must be unique".
> However I don't think that simply removing the unicity constraint solves the problem.
> It means that "draw:name is the name that the user can see", but it doesn't solve
> the heart of the issue which is: how to refer to pages from <presentation:show>.
> As long as this uses the non-unique page name, this feature will be broken.
> I see two solutions.
> Solution A:
>   Using draw:id instead of draw:name in <presentation:show>, and applying
>   the above resolution that makes draw:name non-unique.
>   I like this solution, except that it is not backwards compatible, applications would
>   have to implement "look for draw:id and fallback to looking for draw:name" when
>   parsing <presentation:show>. Feasible, though.
> Solution B:
>   Keeping the unicity requirement on draw:name and adding a draw:display-name
>   which would be the name displayed to the user. This would be consistent with
>   styles, where style:name is the internal name and style:display-name is the
>   user-visible name.
>   This solution is easy to make backwards compatible; the display name can default to
>   being the value of draw:name if draw:display-name isn't set.
> A related question: what is the page ID currently used for? I didn't find anything 
> in the spec that was using it.

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