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Subject: Re: [office] text:meta-field

Hi Florian!

Florian Reuter wrote:
> If I understood correctly that is an alternative solution.
> So you think of something like
> <p>Description:<text:meta-field><p>A comment</p>
> <p>which spans multiple paragraphs</p></text:meta-field>End descr text.</p>
> which is interpreted as:
> Description: A comment
> which spans multiple paragraphs End descr text.
> The schema of text:meta-fields would allow this I guess. 
> I was thinking of that before. Little harder to implement (so not prefered :-)) but OK too.
> Could we agree on that?
Currently text:meta-field is allowed to have the same content as a 
paragraph, which not include a paragraph itself.
Therefore the given example

        <p>A comment</p>
        <p>which spans multiple paragraphs</p>
    </text:meta-field>End descr text.
would not be valid.


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