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Subject: Re: [office] text:meta-field

Yes -- that would work ;-)

Do we need a formal proposal at that point or is this sufficient for the TC to discuss this?

Thanks for all the input --- the help is really apprechiated.


>>> Svante Schubert <Svante.Schubert@Sun.COM> 10/28/07 8:52 PM >>>
Bruce / Florian,

Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> On 10/28/07, Svante Schubert <Svante.Schubert@sun.com> wrote:
> ...
>> Currently text:meta-field is allowed to have the same content as a
>> paragraph, which not include a paragraph itself.
>> Therefore the given example
>> <p>Description:
>>     <text:meta-field>
>>         <p>A comment</p>
>>         <p>which spans multiple paragraphs</p>
>>     </text:meta-field>End descr text.
>> </p>
>> would not be valid.
> But it's trivial to change that.
Unsure yet if it is that trivial, but most important it was not clear to 
me, what has been proposed.

Would it be correctly summarized that the text:meta-field enhancement 
request has changed from having a start/end tag (containing 
non-wellformed XML) to be able to contain more than paragraph-content.
If this is the case, what shall a text:meta-field be able to contain in 
the future?

Perhaps in general text-content could fulfill your needs?
Schema would look like:

<define name="text-content" combine="choice">
    <element name="text:meta-field">
         <ref name="text-meta-field-attlist">
              <ref name="text-content"/>

<define name="text-content">
        <ref name="text-h"/>
        <ref name="text-p"/>
        <ref name="text-list"/>
        <ref name="text-numbered-paragraph"/>
        <ref name="table-table"/>
        <ref name="draw-a"/>
        <ref name="text-section"/>
        <ref name="text-soft-page-break"/>
        <ref name="text-table-of-content"/>
        <ref name="text-illustration-index"/>
        <ref name="text-table-index"/>
        <ref name="text-object-index"/>
        <ref name="text-user-index"/>
        <ref name="text-alphabetical-index"/>
        <ref name="text-bibliography"/>
        <ref name="shape"/>
        <ref name="change-marks"/>
        <ref name="text:meta-field"/>


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