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Subject: Re: [office] text:meta-field


Florian Reuter wrote:

> to further investigate your idea: Could you please illustrate it
> according to the sample I posted in: 
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200710/msg00107.html

Rob asked for -- to quote him -- "Could someone please post the specific 
section and paragraph number in the ODF specification which we are 
proposing to change?" and also "I'd like to see a use case posted."

I asked for basically the same.

So I don't see any "idea" that he's proposing; he's just asking for 
clarification of what we're trying to do. Saying that a user wants to 
have multiple paragraphs doesn't really explain *why*. What are they 
trying to do in the example you posted?

I think we should perhaps use the outcome of this discussion to clarify 
the semantics of the different kinds of fields in ODF.


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