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Subject: Chart legend orientation

It seems that ODF is currently missing a way of specifying the orientation of the legend.
Currently (in OpenOffice.org for instance) there's no way to set it directly, but it's automatically changed when you set the legend's position:
when you position it right/left, it's set to vertical, otherwise to horizontal.
But that doesn't really make sense for the case you want to move the legend around freely.

The proposal is to add a chart:legend-orientation attribute to the <chart:legend> tag.

Something like this in compact notation:

chart-legend-attlist &=
    attribute chart:legend-orientation {
        "horizontal" | "vertical" | "auto"

Something else: there is no attribute for the title of the legend, right?
Not the chart title, but the text shown inside the legend, which is usually
"Legend" or nothing at all. Could this be added as well?

David Faure, faure@kde.org

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