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Subject: Re: [office] Possible teleconference with Burton

Holy delay batman!!!  This just arrived now.


On 1/22/08 1:31 PM, "Duane Nickull" <dnickull@adobe.com> wrote:

> Patrick:
> I am going to disagree with you:
> On 1/22/08 1:19 PM, "Patrick Durusau" <patrick@durusau.net> wrote:
> <SNIP/> 
>> Let me put it another way:
>> Start with a source language, any source language. You want to
>> standardize a target for the conversion of that source language, with
>> some additional features that do not appear in the source language.
>> Is it meaningful to standardize a target language in the absence of a
>> mapping from the source language?
> DN: why not?  There are many standards like PDF, *.doc (various versions),
> ODF, HTML, etc that can be mapped to from many constructs like code, text,
> etc.  Defining the target language enables those who want to convert to have
> a target.  It would literally be impossible to create a comprehensive
> mapping to and from all formats.  If someone wants to map, they have a
> source format, a target format and a complete sub industry called
> "Middleware" (for better or worse).
>> If a mapping is standardized, then there is no need for an open source
>> project to produce one.
> DN: false.  The standard and the implementation of a standard are two
> different things.  Having a bunch of text that explains how to map from A to
> B does not physically map A to B, just provides the information.  Someone
> still have to build it.  In fact, without the implementation to prove it
> works, the theory on mapping is not proven.
>> Unless the community wanted one that was
>> different from the one specified in the standard. But as I noted
>> originally, there is no such mapping in the proposed standard.
> DN: I could map several things to OOXML.  I can create OOXML from PDF with
> Java, CPP, MXML, Actionscript and others.
>> Hope you are having a great day!
> DN: am having a great day except for looking out my window and seeing
> Cypress mountain ski resort buried under 15 feet of snow with me sitting
> inside working. ;-)
> Cheers!
> Duane
>> Patrick
>>> For the record, I am not an MS fan and use a Mac.
>>> Duane

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