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Subject: Re: [office] DIN technical report / follow up from todays call


the WG is busy working on a first draft. This'll include mainly work in Wordprocessing. Spreadsheet and Presentation is
still in the very early work. So help from the ODF TC would be great --- and a liaison would make sense IMHO.

To give you an idea why help from the ÓDF TC would be needed I'll briefly outline some questions which arose:
* Need for more use-cases, i.e. feasable interop scenarios
* Discussions of unspecified behaviour (e.g numbering in 1.0, spreadsheet formulas, compatibilty options, etc.) and
their impact on interop scenarios
* Questions regaring generic settings like  e.eg. form:control-implementation="ooo:com.sun.star.form.component.Form", or
tweaking a la http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=51726.
* Possible interop problems not handled by the specs (e.g. graphics, WMF, EMF, SVM, etc.) or e.g. font metrics and font

As you see there are a lot of overlapping areas with eg. the "ODF interop" we dealt with in the workshop in Barcelona.
[This issue is hosted in the Adoption TC, right? Maybe this TC is also suited as a liaison partner?]

I personally would not feel comfortable with the role of the "offical" liaison person since I also participate in the
EMCA TC which has a liaison itself with the working group (the offical liaison person here is Rex Jaeschke (the editor
of the ECMA spec)). Having someone like Patrick or youself [since you deal a lot with inner ODF interop] would really be
great. For me wearing three hats seems too difficult. [Althought if there is trust in the TC that I can handle that I'll
surely do it.]
It would also be great if David (and his group) could give the WG a head start in the formula issue.


>>> <robert_weir@us.ibm.com> 01/28/08 6:52 PM >>>
Hi Florian,

What is the status of this report?  Is the research complete?  Has the 
report already been drafted?  A liaison typically make working together 
easier between two organizations and encourages information exchange.  So 
what work remains for this technical report?  If DIN merely wants us to 
review and comment, then a liaison is not necessary.  You could submit the 
draft or questions on the draft to the ODF public comment list.  But if 
there is more sustained collaboration proposed, then a liaison may be 

It is like making a subcommittee.  If something requires a group of people 
to meet off-line for a short period of time (say less than 3-4 months) 
then we typically don't bother creating a formal subcommittee.  Too much 
overhead.  Similarly, if the technical report is almost done, then a 
liaison might be overkill.  But if some long-term collaboration is 
proposed, then a liaison is more appropriate. 

Does this make sense?   Anyone disagree with this? 

If we think a formal liaison is appropriate then you'll want to review the 
OASIS policy on TC Liaisons here:  

We can vote to have someone be a liaison from the ODF TC to the DIN WG, 
The DIN WG can also appoint one of their members to be a liaison to the 
ODF TC, and join OASIS for that purpose.

What is easiest is if we have a person who is already a member of both 
committees.  Then that same person could be made the liaison in both 
directions.  I think the logical person would be you, right?


"Florian Reuter" <freuter@novell.com> 
01/28/2008 11:39 AM

<Jan.Ziesing@fokus.fraunhofer.de>, <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>
<dwheeler@dwheeler.com>, <office@lists.oasis-open.org>
[office] DIN technical report / follow up from todays call


as a follow up from our call today wrt. the DIN TR mapping between ODF and 
OOXML I had a short chat with Jan. He is the chair of the DIN working 

As discussed in the TC call today Jan would be interrested in a liaison 
with the ODF TC.


(P.S. Sorry for the short message ---- but since I broke my arm I can only 
to short
 one-handed notes...)

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