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Subject: Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

Hi Mingfei,

I think a PPS file is identical to a PPT file inside.  The only difference is in the file extension.  This tells the application to run PowerPoint directly in play mode rather than edit mode.

If we want to have the same behavior we could do this as a file extension, or as a boolean flag in the document.

Looking at Microsoft support notes like :  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326736 it appears that their file extension approach has caused Microsoft some problems.

So I wonder if a flag in the XML would be a better solution?


Ming Fei Jia <jiamingf@cn.ibm.com>

03/17/2008 05:47 AM

[office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

Dear TC members,

I can not find the definition in ODF 1.2 draft 6 about auto-play presentation file format,just like Microsoft PPS format. If we really have not defined it yet, I propose to define it in ODF 1.2 since the requirement of presentation auto-play is obvious for many users. We need to discuss the feasiblity and the solution in this loop. The contents can be:
(1) The extension name of auto-play presentation file format, e.g. ODPP or anything that makes sense;
(2) The auto-play presentation file wraps .odp file as an auto-play file when user double-click on the file;
(3) XML schema definition for the auto-play presentation file if any;
(4) Explanation for the implementation in vendor products.

Welcome any comments!

Best Regards,

Mingfei Jia()
IBM Lotus Symphony Development
IBM China Software Development LAB, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-82782244-2493 Fax: 86-10-62982924

NOTES:Ming Fei Jia/China/IBM E-mail: jiamingf@cn.ibm.com
Address: 4/F, DeShi Building No.9, East Road, ShangDi, Haidian District, Beijing 100085, PRC

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