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Subject: Re: [office] auto-play presentation file format like PPS

Ming Fei Jia:
> To support presentation auto-play choice, add the attribute "presentation:auto-play" to the element "office-presentation-attlist" as below: 
> I can not find the definition in ODF 1.2 draft 6 about auto-play presentation file format,just like Microsoft PPS format. If we really have not defined it yet, I propose to define it in ODF 1.2 since the requirement of presentation auto-play is obvious for many users. We need to discuss the feasiblity and the solution in this loop. The contents can be: 
> (1) The extension name of auto-play presentation file format, e.g. ODPP or anything that makes sense; 
> (2) The auto-play presentation file wraps .odp file as an auto-play file when user double-click on the file; 
> (3) XML schema definition for the auto-play presentation file if any; 
> (4) Explanation for the implementation in vendor products. 

I like the general idea, but I have two comments:
1. The general approach/convention should apply to ALL OpenDocument files.
For example, if I have an .odt document that I normally _read_ instead of
_edit_, the same approach should work.
2. The approach should make it easy to invoke a DIFFERENT program than the

E.G., in the "one laptop per child" system, it'd make sense to have a lot of
textbooks in OpenDocument format that are normally opened in a "browser"
(read-only) mode, while other documents that you're working on would be
opened using an editor.  (The browser might be optimized just for reading).

--- David A. Wheeler

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