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Subject: Groups - ODF Register of Public Comments (07-11-24-spec00025) uploaded

I've updated the spreadsheet listing our public comments.  It is now
complete from May 1st, 2005.  

We have 180 comments, ranging from simple reports of typographical errors
to more complex proposals for new features.

I think we can roughly categorize each comment as a defect report or a
request for enhancement.

For each defect report we should establish which versions of the standard
include the error.  ODF 1.0?  ODF 1.1?  ODF 1.2 draft?  Then, once we agree
on how to fix the defect, we'll process defects like this:

1) Defects in ODF 1.0 -- will be included in an errata document for
submission to SC34 and for approval as OASIS Approved Errata, as we've been
doing with the previously reported defects from Japan.

2) Defects in ODF 1.1 -- We haven't discussed this yet, but I propose we
simply mark these in the spreadsheet for now, and when we have caught up
with all of the comments, we produce OASIS Approved Errata for ODF 1.1.

3) Defects in ODF 1.2 draft -- This is simple.  Patrick includes these
fixes in his weekly draft updates.

I further propose that when any defect report has reached the level where
it is ready for public review, that we send a note to the ODF comment list
as well as to all those who have submitted comments. 

As for new feature proposals, that is at the discretion of the TC.  We're
approaching the end of ODF 1.2, but if the TC wills it, we can still
accommodate smaller proposals.  In any case we should certainly evaluate
and respond to each proposal, and in many cases we have.  But I think we
owe a formal and individual response to anyone who took the effort to write
up a detailed proposal.

We have 180 comments to go through.  I expect that 100 or so have probably
already been resolved by Patrick as overlapping with the SC34 defect
report.  So maybe we have more like 80 to deal with.  I'd propose that we
try to tackle 10 of them at every TC call and plan on finishing these
within the next 8 weeks.

Sound like a plan?  Anyone have a better idea? ;-)

 -- Mr. Robert Weir

The document revision named ODF Register of Public Comments
(07-11-24-spec00025) has been submitted by Mr. Robert Weir to the OASIS
Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC document
repository.  This document is revision #1 of 07-11-24-spec00025.

Document Description:
This is a transcription of all public comments submitted to the comment
list since May 1st, 2005, when ODF 1.0 was approved.  Comments that were
unrelated to the standard, such as application questions, programming
questions, and that month we got hit by spam -- that has all been omitted.

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This document is revision #1 of 07-11-24-spec00025.  The document details
page referenced above will show the complete revision history.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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