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Subject: Re: [office] Please put this discussion


yes this field is controlled by the script who inserts the field-mark. Since an application can always display the text enclosed by the field marks there is no interop problem.

Many developers today use "bookmarks" to mark parts of a document which is controlled by e.g. a script etc... This lead to bookmarks beeing inserted into document which conflict with the users bookmarks.

The field-marks intend is to clearly seprate user bookmarks from machine generated bookmarks.

Also by enforcing a clear "name/value" parameter structure we ge a better chance of preserving and presenting data.


A note about the relationship to e.g. metadata. The metadata mechanism is incompatible with the "marking" mechanism of OOXML which is based on "special bookmarks"/Word-liel "fields". So this field-mark element is clearly for interop/harmonization and should remove the pain of using ODF bookmarks to encode MS fields...

>>> <robert_weir@us.ibm.com> 05/05/08 6:44 PM >>>
What are the allowed values of field:type and what do they mean?  Or is 
this intended to be an extensibility feature with implementation-defined 


"Florian Reuter" <freuter@novell.com> 
05/05/2008 11:37 AM


[office] Please put this discussion


As discussed in the call here is an enhancement proposal I'd love to 
discuss: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/Fieldmarks. It is very 
important for harmonization between ODF and OOXML.



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