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Subject: Re: [office] Please put this discussion

On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 2:29 PM, Florian Reuter <freuter@novell.com> wrote:

>  > OK, but "mark parts" to do what with them? To control data entry?
>  Depends. I've seen scripts doing at lot of things with the marked data ;-) Not really sure what your point is...

There was a thread that we were involved in awhile back in which I was
simply asking us to define the function and semantics of fields, and
I'm just asking that we do that.

>  > I'm just unclear on what the distinction is between this field you are proposing and text:meta-field.
>  Hmm --- I see a clear difference between an RDF-based framework for metadata and "special" bookmarks.  I guess when developing apps like Zotero developers will choose the RDF-based metadata framework. On the other hand when migrating OOXML and scripts to ODF they will use field-marks.

OK, fine, but I'm just asking you to explain the "clear difference"
you note above. If it's clear, then surely you can say more about than
that it's a compatibility mechanism for OOXML?

>  > So how would we -- or third-party devs -- know which one to use for which cases?
>  I think that the whole metadata framework speaks for itself and developers will use it when we make it powerfull and easy to use.
>  The main purpose of the field-mark is to get rid of the bookmark/WW-field mess we have out there...

+1, and no argument here.


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