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Subject: Restoring examples in OpenFormula spec

The OpenFormula spec has examples, but they were voted out, so
I've hidden them in the official version.  The current plan is to strip them
out of the file entirely, using an automated tool.  Presumably, they were
voted out because of concern that ISO wouldn't accept them.

Yet it turns out that the OXML specification includes examples for each function,
and ISO accepted it.  OXML includes them by labelling them as
"Examples" and placing "[...]" around the examples (to make it clear
that they are non-normative).  I think examples are
valuable (that's why we had them in the first place).  Rather than remove
them entirely, how about restoring them by using the same approach
used by OXML?  That is, after the spec of each function, say
[ Examples (non-normative)
 ... the examples would go here

I think including examples would make the spec MUCH easier to understand,
and by clearly labelling them as non-normative and using the approach
of OXML, it'd be hard to argue that they weren't acceptable
("you already accepted that approach!"). I even suggest adding the phrase
"(non-normative)" to make that point abundantly clear.

--- David A. Wheeler

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