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Subject: use-window-font-color

Hi guys,

Would someone be able to explain the content of
16.4.4 Window Font Color
 "The style:use-window-font-color attribute specifies whether or not the
 window foreground color should be as used as the foreground color for a light
 background color and white for a dark background color."

I have a hard time parsing that paragraph. My main gripe is I don't know what 
the window foreground color is.
Does the paragraph mean to say that the color of the text should be the well 
readable compared to what is behind it?
How does that work when the background is an image?  Or when the text is over 
two squares of different colors, does it then have two different foreground 

Would be great if someone that implemented it in an app, or even the guys that 
proposed it could explain what is expected in the different usecases.


ps. seems my OASIS membership is running out, I'll stop being a member June 
22nd, it was fun being here, and I hope we'll get 1.2 out soon!
Thomas Zander

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