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Subject: Re: [office] Next set of public comments for review (#18-#35)

I believe #24 is done.  This involved handling references to
empty cells; new text in section 4 (Types) clarifies what happens in these cases.

Basically, there isn't a special type called the empty type.  Instead, there is
a type "Reference", which _may_ refer to empty cells or ranges that include
empty cells.  What happens to empty cells depends on the required types
and implicit conversion rules, as defined in section 4.  E.G., if you use a
function that requires "Number", but instead is given a reference to an
empty cell, then the reference is converted to the number 0.  If the function requires
a NumberSequence, all the empty cells are ignored when creating a NumberSequence
(and just like strings, NumberSequences can be 0 length).

--- David A. Wheeler

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